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Top Reasons Why You Should Bypass UAE Restrictions

United Arab Emirates (Dubai) is one of the most unique countries in the world. This is simply because while the environmental conditions do not allow any agricultural practices, the country has continued to experience a massive growth in its economy over the years. The country depends on oil for economic growth. Sadly, it is forecasted that by the year 2016, the country’s oil wealth will come to an end. To solve the problem, the country has decided to invest heavily on hospitality aspect. In this, the country has decided to invest a lot of money to develop things that no other country has ever done. For instance, the country has one of the largest human made islands in the name of Palm Island. It also has the tallest hotel and the tallest building on the planet. However, with all these developments, the country remains one of the most dictatorial one in the world with the ruler making most of the decisions a lone. In this regard, many websites have been disabled in Dubai. They are disabled whenever the ruler feels like and apparently, no one can ever question it. Some of the reasons why you should bypass the UAE restrictions are:

To access more productive websites

Apparently, a website cannot be restricted if it is not a leading authority. Therefore, chances are that you need to access more websites to be more productive. For instance, if a website such as Facebook is restricted, chances are that you could lose a lot of information.

For entertainment purposes

Another reason why you should bypass the restrictions is for entertainment purposes. This is because many entertainment websites such as Netflix cannot be accessed outside the United States. Therefore, when you bypass these restrictions, you will be able to be more entertained.

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